Front-loading Dishwashers

Our powerful commercial front-loading dishwashers – available in three sizes – are extremely effective and robust machines, designed to cope with high demand. They can be positioned on a stand at optimum working height, or simply used as an undercounter dishwasher.

Commercial Dishwasher Washrite Model X600A


450mm square basket,
420 plates per hour

Load from the front and wash hundreds of plates per hour in your commercial kitchen with this robust undercounter model.

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Commercial Dishwasher X700A


500mm square basket,
1080 plates per hour

For busier kitchens, the X700A allows you to wash over a thousand plates in an hour to keep things running smoothly.

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Commercial Dishwasher W700A


500mm square basket,
540 plates per hour

Our larger dishwasher can be tailored with additional equipment for a more upmarket design and even better cleaning results.

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