Commercial Pot & Utensil Washers Washrite Model LP57A

Commercial Pot & Utensil Washers LP57A
  • Double skinned and insulated stainless steel construction
  • Fully moulded tank with rounded corners and bottom inclined towards the tank filters
  • Removable double filtering system in the tank
  • Two stainless steel wash impellors and two four-arm stainless steel rinse rotors, rotating and independent
  • STAND-BY system for energy saving
  • HY-NRG rinse system which maintains constant set temperature
  • Electronic control panel with high resolution colours displaying temperatures, cycles and any anomalies
  • Registers the amount of daily and total cycles performed
  • Four editable washing cycles, dedicated to the various types of dishes to be washed
  • Supplied complete with 3 baskets

Optional extras

  • Built-in water softener with automatic cycle & salt defect indicator
  • Built-in peristaltic detergent & rinse aid dispensers
  • Built-in drain pump
  • Reverse osmosis system (RO) with by-pass which, in case of anomaly, allows to continue using the machine
  • Steam condensate and vapour recovery system